Bro Gives Shivering Homeless Dude The Shirt Off His Back On NYC Subway

The majority of philosophers, sociologists and psychologists claim that there is no such thing as true altruism–meaning that there is always self-interest, and the benevolent helping of others does not stand on its own.

The medium of social media largely supports this theory, as good deeds have become so contrived and well-documented, you can’t help but question the motives. With camera crews following around do-gooders and their clever giving gimmicks, it often feels that the good deed isn’t the driving force, but the desire to go viral or gain some degree of notoriety is. And when self-indulgence taints a seemingly selfless act, that’s when I typically pull the e-brake on the Feelz Train.

This is why the types of things like the video above is where I get my rocks off. The train seems to be otherwise empty so we have every reason to believe this dude has no idea he’s being filmed. This is humanity. Pure, unpolluted compassion. He didn’t even take one Snapchat with the dude. Man doing good. In its simplest form, its as good as it gets.

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