Bro Goes On A Cut For 2.5 Years, Goes From Obese BMI Of 37.7 To Running Six Minute Mile And Squatting Over 350 Lbs.



24-year-old Redditor pigcitymasterx wasn’t always obese – writing in his post to Reddit’s r/fitness subreddit, he explains that he played on his high school’s football team down in Texas, however a torn ACL during his junior year led to the start of his weight gaining journey:

I tried to come back to play senior year but I sucked and lost my starting position. Eventually I stopped sports and tried to focus on my studies. Leading into college where i continued to eat like I was in football. I gained an insane amount of weight but kind of just shrugged it off as whatever.

Pigcitymasterx’s “epiphany moment,” however, came during his second semester of his nursing program. All he writes is that it was “because of a girl” which can mean a multitude of different things – but regardless of what specifically happened, it spurred him to start losing weight:

When i first started to lose weight all i did was cardio and diet. Eventually I came across/r/Fitness where i was encouraged to start lifting weights. I started to do SL 5×5, but I was super weak from what I used to lift during my football days. However my muscles somewhat recovered and within about two months I was lifting a fairly decent amount again.

After spending 2.5 years on a cut in order to reduce his body weight from 310 to 205, pigcitymasterx is now on a 40/40/20 macro split at 1700 calories a day. His stats ain’t something to sneeze at either:

Best 1 Mile time: 0:06:08
Best 5k time: 00:22:26
Best half marathon time (only ran once haha): 02:18:21
Current 1RM
squat: 370lbs
DL: 365lbs
bench: 285lbs (did 310 when i was in football)
OHP: 165lbs

As for his progress photos, I can honestly say “HOLY SHIT” because not only does he barely have any loose skin, but dammnnnnnn those abs:











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