Bro Goes Temporarily Deaf And Looks Like He’s About To Birth A Pineapple From Eating World’s Spiciest Noodles

22-year-old Ben Sumadiwiria knows heat. A chef from London, Ben travelled to Indonesia to try “Death Noodles” from a backstreet restaurant he found off the beaten path. What are “Death Noodles,” you ask? According to Metro, they’re 4,000 times stronger than Tabasco and 100 bird’s eye chillies.

As you can see in the video, Ben doesn’t fare so well against his Death Noodles. He starts out sweating profusely, turning red, and then has to tap out so he can chug liquid. “This was definitely the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten,” he reflects after six glasses of water, a milk shake and a cold banana in order to extinguish the fire in his mouth, “Within seconds of tasting them I was sweating and feeling sick.”

Ben even lost his hearing for two minutes before throwing up outside, though apparently that’s a fairly common reaction to Death Noodles. “Everybody who tried them threw up outside the drain…some locals can even finish a whole plate, which is just crazy.”

[H/T Metro]