Bro Pranks Mom By Changing Her iPhone Text Shortcut From “Feed The Dogs” To Phrase Any College Kid Can Agree With

by 2 years ago


The “text shortcut” feature on iPhones everywhere is either a godsend or a complete pain in the ass depending on what you normally text. For me, whenever I try to write “You’re a fakkin’ asshole quit bein’ a buttplug” it gets corrected to “You’re a faking hole quit being butt,” however that’s because my phone is a mature adult who doesn’t swear at the faintest touch of a breeze – it also hasn’t been hijacked by my non-existent children who thought changing the phrase “feed the dogs” in my phone to “turn on some Lil Jon and get fucked up with the yorkis” would be funny. Although at this point I might prefer it that way; at least my text conversations would be 500x more interesting:



What odds are we placing on whether or not the mom figured out how to change her text shortcuts back to normal? Zero percent chance? Negative 100? Negative 500? All safe bets in my book.

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