This Bro Pulls Phone Numbers From Tinder Girls By Using Nothing But Emojis And DAMN Is It Easier Than Being Witty

You don’t need to be smart, charistmatic, witty or even alive with a beating pulse to get laid off of Tinder, you just need to be hot. That’s it. If you’re the reincarnation of Einstein but you’ve got the face of…well, Einstein – you’re going to have a bad time. If you’ve got the body of The Rock, the face of Liam and Chris Hemsworth mushed together but are the mental equivalent of a bag of dicks — you’re going to get laid. A lot (aka have a great time).

Sadly, I can’t tell you what this guy looks like…but he’s probably at least an 8 outta 10. Don’t try this if you don’t measure up to those standards.

[H/T Reddit]