Bro Punches Cougar In The Face To Save His Wiener Dog’s Life, Is The Real MVP

It’s one thing for a man to chase down a cougar…but it’s a whole different story when said man catches said cougar – who was attempting to feast on a poor little Dachshund – and punches that menacing mountain cat right IN THE FACE, saving the dog’s life in the process. Hell yeah.

Knocking a wild cougar out cold is exactly what Shawn Hanson did when the vicious cat got hold of his puppy, Bailey, following a fishing trip in British Columbia.

BAD. ASS. Shawn Hanson is the #1 MVP to ever come out of B.C. as far as I’m concerned right now.

From the minute you saw this guy on camera, you can just tell he means business. There’s just something about Shawn Hanson. That “ex-military, I will 100% go Rambo on your ass if you fuck with me or my friends or my dog” kind of attitude. Just ruthless.

But is Shawn’s mini Dachshund not the complete polar opposite of that, but still the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?



Ummmmm, where do I get one? Seriously. Just blogging the day away with that thing running around the apartment. There’s honestly nothing I’d want more.

I’d be remiss not to say it kinda sucks for for the cougar that he had to eat Hanson’s 12-gauge at the end of the ordeal instead, but clearly it had it coming. Could’ve got away, had its chance. I mean, Hanson seems like a totally honest guy that would’ve given it the chance to get away, even after it ran off with Bailey, leaving it just with that brutal knockout on its conscience the next time it came around those parts.

But nope, the coug evidently crossed the line and wanted more action, so it got to feast on some lead as opposed to that awesome little wiener dog.

Also, I just couldn’t help but laugh when the reporter made the remark, “Cougar activity is up this year.” Just another bookmark-worthy chapter written in the book of man’s best friend.

[via CTV News]