Bro Ski Instructor Has The Chillest Response After Getting Impaled In The Face By A Tree Branch

by 2 years ago

Hey dude, you got something on your face. No the other side. Yeah, right there, that hunk of a tree that’s harpooned in your lip. YOUCH!!! This bro ski instructor got impaled by a tree branch but he was super chill about it.

We take you to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where Natty Hagood was carving up the pow-pow when KA-POW-POW!!! The 29-year-old began to ski down a path through the forest when he had his fearsome injury after getting skewered by a tree branch.

“I thought maybe my chinstrap got pushed up into my face, so I tried to brush it off and that’s when I felt the stick,” he told the Idaho State Journal. “So, I shook left to right and saw the stick moving in my peripherals. I reached out and grabbed it and wiggled it before realizing it was pretty far in there.”

Natty had a fucking 18-inch long tree branch gouged in his lip that went in his mouth and then was sticking out of his face.

Instead of panicking, Natty had the chillest response.

“Holy crap, I just got impaled. And then I yelled over to Pete, ‘Hey look I got a new piercing.’”

Call him Natty lighthearted.

The injury happened so quickly that apparently Natty experienced zero pain from being impaled in the face at first.

Natty took the huge branch and broke off about a foot of the biggest splinter ever before being taken to the hospital for tree-tment.

Natty seems like the most awesome ski instructor anyone could ever ask for. In fact, his ski students now lovingly call him “Lipstick.”

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