Hilarious Bro Snapchats The Aftermath Of Catching A Rabbit On The Side Of The Road And WOW Is He Excited About It

by 3 years ago


I get it, I really do – you accomplish something you’ve never accomplished before and it’s gettin’ you all jazzed up. Never mind that 1800’s farmers, pilgrims and cavemen had all accomplished this same skill by the time they were eight – you caught that rabbit and he is YOURS to brag about. That’s not to say I’m trying to take away Ruben Andrews’ time to shine. I’m not. I’m not that mean…plus, his Snapchat MyStory about the whole thing is hilarious:

Metro notes that although Ruben says it’s a wild rabbit, it’s most likely a “former pet rabbit that had either escaped for been abandoned, as wild rabbits tend to have a grey or brown agouti coat that helps camouflage them.” Don’t tell that to Ruben though, as six months later he’s still the proud owner of “Yung Lenny”:

And he’s even started his own clothing line…

…that he now models with Yung Lenny?

I think that’s what is going on in that photo, but if we’re being honest I really have no fucking clue. Not that it matters – dude caught a fucking wild rabbit. What have I been doing with MY day? Nothing as interesting as Ruben, that’s for sure.

[H/T Metro]

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