Hilarious Bro Snapchats Struggle Of Babysitting Wasted Girlfriend All Night At A Club And I’ve Just Found My New Role Model

Goddamnit Elizabeth, put your shoes, hair and life back together and stop blacking TF out, we’ve got a Snapchat video to make and if it goes viral you’re gonna owe me at least 12 chicken nuggets, five shots and 10 minutes in the ball pit since you hogged up all the space last time.

Regardless of how staged this all is (then again, maybe it isn’t…a person can dream, can’t they?), kudos to this Bro for sticking it out with his girlfriend all night, regardless of how drunk she gets. Regardless of how many bags of potato chips she stuffs up her dress or how many beer pong cups she drinks, he manages to reign her in (sort of) and keep her shit (mostly) intact – something that not all guys can attest to. Most guys would’ve ditched her without even throwing a text her way the next day, whereas this Bro is a goddamn knight in shining armor.

And yet…Elizabeth is still my new role model, not him. McNuggets for life, bitches.