Bro Who Hacked The CIA Director’s Email Smokes Weed ‘All Day Every Day’

So you might’ve heard the story about how some kid hacked into the CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email account. Yikes. Total national security disaster.

Allegedly, the hacker was able to trick Verizon customer service representatives into providing enough of Brennan’s useful personal information to get AOL to reset the CIA head honcho’s password. Because of course the Director of the CIA still has an AOL e-mail address…and apparently this guy was pretty damn convincing.

Among the documents the still anonymous hacker reported he was able to siphon before the leak was realized were Dir. Brennan’s 47-page application for top-secret security clearance, the Social Security numbers and personal information of more than a dozen top American intelligence officials, and a government letter about the use of “harsh interrogation techniques” on terrorism suspects. Not the kind of stuff the CIA wants or needs to be even remotely public.

The alleged hacker contacted The New York Post to brag about his laundry list of exploits that can also be found at this Twitter account, and to convey his pro-Palestine sentiment.

Then on October 19, he reportedly contacted Laurie Segall of CNN. And his revelations were pretty…interesting.



Whoa. So the dude who hacked the CIA’s #1 is a certified pot head. Go figure.

You can watch the entire CNN interview here.

[h/t GQ]