Bro With A Death Wish Jumps Off The Roof Of A Hotel Into A Tiny Pool, Comes Within INCHES Of Drilling The Pool’s Edge

by 1 year ago

A couple weeks back, we posted about this adrenaline junkie who strapped on a GoPro and jumped from a 5th story balcony into a tiny pool. It made my palms sweat and I was certain that   if the dude continued to play chicken with the devil, the hotel staff would eventually scrape this dude off the bottom of the pool with a skimmer. One misstep or miscalculated jump and this savage is as good as dead.

Welp, it looks like we’re dealing with a horse of a different color (that’s a saying, right?), because this bro just upped the ante by jumping off the ROOF of a hotel into a pool that isn’t exactly a straight drop.

I take it the dude survived the fall without any substantial injuries considering the video was uploaded to YouTube, but I think we can all agree that we were just inches from a drastically different result.

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