More Bros Are Getting Involved With Wedding Planning And Its Created This Frightening New Trend In Bachelor Parties

A frightening new trend is emerging in the world of weddings involving grown men insisting parties be thrown in their honor. These events are replacing bachelor parties and have been picked up the nauseating term of “bro-dal showers.”

Here’s the explanation from the source of said term, creators of all things stomach-churning, Buzzfeed:

More and more guys are deciding against the traditional bachelor party with a stripper and Vegas, and looking for a more laid-back way to celebrate with their friends. And, when guys marry other guys, their loved ones often still want to throw them some sort of a party to show their support for the couple. To those who think it’s the same as a bachelor party, well…the older family members who are typically the most pro-shower may not want to participate in a night that is often centered around peen straws and sex talk.

I did laugh at peen show because I’m a child but I didn’t laugh at the typical male wedding shower (I refuse to use the other term) these days because they all sound horrific. Lumberjack parties, Batman and Robin parties and a get together where all the groom’s friends remember back to a time before he had a vagina. I’ll admit, the typical bachelor party is getting stale, but I’ll be god fucking damned if I’m going to a bachelor party with the same theme as my 5-year-old son’s birthday. Plus his party had WAY more hookers.

The fact that more men expect extravagant parties in honor of their pending wedding shouldn’t come as a shock since more bros are getting involved with wedding planning.

A survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of retailer Best Buy found that grooms actually want to be part of the planning process. According to their findings, 91% of recent grooms and 92% of experienced grooms think that wedding planning should be shared equally between the bride and groom. Those 92% are probably still suffering whiplash from their own nuptials. “We spent how much on a chocolate fountain?!?! Of course I wasn’t paying attention to the price, I was in a cacao coma!”

The survey also found that 69 percent of recent brides say their grooms played a significant role in the wedding planning process, compared to fewer than half of brides married 20 or more years ago. Bridal bros are getting involved with choosing food and drinks, the music for the ceremony and reception, adding items to wedding registries, picking out invitations (36 percent), recent brides say their grooms actively prepare for the big day.

See what you’ve done, ladies. This trend is your fault. These themed parties and the grooms insistence on finding the perfect shade of peach for the bridesmaid dresses is the result of those countless hours of wedding planning shows you’ve made men endure. Now it’s a “big day” for the both of you.

Have fun sharing the spotlight with groomzilla.

Chris Illuminati is a senior editor at BroBible and gave zero shits about the planning of his wedding. Follow him on Instagram.