Brooklyn Will Have an Exploding Vaginas Fireworks Display Because Brooklyn


Feminist artist Judy Chicago (maybe her real name and MAYBE NOT) is celebrating her 75th birthday in an extremely phallic way.

By setting up a bunch of road flares, LED lights and fireworks in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, all representing vaginas. VAGINAS. The show is callled A Butterfly in Brooklyn (because a butterfly looks like A VAGINA!) and is based of The Dinner Party, which… I’ll let someone else explain (someone else being the blog Brokelyn where I first read about this).

The ambitious piece is based on one of Chicago’s most famous works The Dinner Party, which is on permanent display at the Brooklyn Museum. The Dinner Party is a momentous installation that celebrates women throughout history with imagery of female genitalia rendered in traditional “women’s work” handicrafts.

If you want to see the… AHEM… show, it is on Saturday, April 26th at 7 p.m.

In Brooklyn.

[Fireworks by Shutterstock]