Help These University of Dayton Girls Fix Their Roof!

BroBible Nation: Over the past couple weeks we’ve shouted — hell, screamed — our fondness for how the University of Dayton partied during their deep March Madness run. We called The Flyers riot after beating ‘Cuse “The Best College Riot of All Time” (THEIR PRESIDENT WAS IN THE STREETS!) and loved them even more when they advanced to the Elite Eight. Their turnt-ass party at The Big Dance is now over, but the lingering memory of a feeling is still there: What happened at UD was truly epic and endearing in the way March Madness should be.

Fortunately, one of the only casualties of the pandemonium in Dayton is the roof of the house in The Ghetto. Its occupants — Ellen, Shelby, and Stephanie, the Girls of 430 Kiefaber — are now facing a hefty $5000 fee from a no-fun landlord for damages sustained in the celebration. Here’s the nice note they sent our way last evening:

As BroBible fangirls and University of Dayton seniors, we have absolutely loved reading your articles following Dayton’s dance in the NCAA Tournament. Naming UD “The Best School at March Madness Celebrations” is quite an honor! As fortunate as we are to be attending the best school ever and rage alongside all the other Flyer Fans in celebration, our house (which are in pictures left and right in your articles) has not been so lucky during the festivities. As evident in the pictures from the “riots,” people flooded into the streets and, unavoidably, into our house which is conveniently located right in the heart of the riots. Rooftop seats were prime spots during the celebration, and our poor roof just couldn’t keep up with all the Flyers eager to make it to the top. We now face a $5000 bill from the landlord to fix our collapsed roof. So after running through all our options, we’re going out on a limb and starting a donation page in hopes that other Flyer Fans who have lived vicariously through the pictures of the riots are willing to spare some loose change to help out fellow Flyer Fans in need.




Bros: We need to help these ladies out, especially if you enjoyed watching The Flyers wild ride into the Elite Eight as much as we did. Click over to their Go Fund Me campaign and throw a couple of dollars their way. Even the most broke of broke college students can throw down $5 to help them hit their $5,000 goal. Hell, I threw in $20 last night just to kick things off. You should too, because at the end of the day, helping people out is truly what BroBible is all about.

CLICK HERE to donate to their GoFund Me campaign and RAISE THE ROOF…. 

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