Do Bros Have Super Powers? New Study Finds We Are Immune To All Alcohol Addiction Treatments



What really is a super power? In my book, it’s the ability to do something that no ordinary person can (fly, see through walls, smash things up real good).

So, by that measure, Bros have a super power. And it is fucking awesome.

A new study finds that dudes have the ability to be unaffected by alcohol addiction treatment.

The American Psychological Association researched fraternity brothers and found that they still drink the same amount, regardless of whether an intervention was staged.

Here’s the kicker from the study.

Interventions targeting fraternity or sorority members were not successful in reducing alcohol consumption and related problems relative to control.

It’s like we’ve built up a resistance to it.

“Current intervention methods appear to have limited effectiveness in reducing alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems among fraternity and possibly sorority members,” said lead researcher Lori Scott-Sheldon, PhD, of The Miriam Hospital and Brown University. “Stronger interventions may need to be developed for student members of Greek letter organizations.”

True, fraternity Bros aren’t exactly Bros, but let’s be honest. We are basically the same.

So now, all we have to do is use our tremendous ability to fight off alcohol treatment in a way that benefits society (more drinking???) and we are superheroes.

Fuck yea.

[Via Raw Story]

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