This Bros Reaction To Correctly Answering A Question On ‘Jeopardy’ Is The Very Definition Of ‘Showmanship’

by 5 years ago

When mom asks you to take the trash out when the game’s on.

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I don’t tune in to Jeopardy often, unless one of the contestants is a professional athlete or Sean Connery. Every other contestant is like that boring middle school history teacher with the stage presence of Bill Belichick. But this dude Louis Virtel not only redefined the Jeopardy fashion game, but showed the world how to celebrate a correct Daily Double answer. Watch how it’s done:

When bae say she’ll eat anything, but shoots down your first 10 suggestions.

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When you left your weed at your buddy’s place.

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…but remember you have a secret stash.

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When she tell you her and her gym buddy, Trent, are”just friends”

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This just in: the Internet has haters!

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Adam, if you’re going to take a swing at the champ, you best not miss.

(This post took me 20 more minutes than it needed to because I have no idea how to spell Jeopardy. J-E-A-P-O-R-D-Y makes more sense to me. I don’t learn good, though.)