BRO-DORABLE! Bros Get Wasted In NYC, Wake Up Spooning Each Other In Crowded Park (Video)

Two bros got legless drunk last night and passed out on a walkway in New York City’s McCarren Park. A park-goer named Jesse Gawinske and his friend Maggie strolled by the spooning couple at 9 am this morning.

Says Maggie:

“They were spooning on the ground, breathing but out cold, and yes, people were gawking and laughing. It was cute and very ‘Brooklyn.’ I left before the situation was ‘resolved.'”

No word on whether these guys are a couple, but I’m hoping to God each other them got so blackout that they woke up under the impression they were spooning with Emma Watson. Regardless, spooning on the pavement in one of New York’s most famous park has to make for an awkward brunch.

I also wouldn’t rule out these dudes being dead. If the glaring morning sun and the horn of a Mac truck can’t awake them from their slumber, they may have just partied to death. The silver lining is that they died in each other’s arms, and I guess that’s all you can hope for.

[H/T Gothamist]

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