A Top 10 List Of Famous Bros I’d Get Drunk With, By Reader Request


Great Gatsby

Earlier today The Gang from It’s Always Sunny established that Danny Devito is, indeed, worthy of being called a Bro King. Someone on Facebook asked us to make a list of famous Bros that we’d like to get drunk with, including Mr. Devito. Here’s a top 10 list of Bros I’d drop everything at this very moment to imbibe adult beverages with, in no particular order:

Danny Devito

Bill Murray

Leonardo DiCapro

Matthew McConaughey

George Clooney, when he was single

Pat McAfee

Rob Gronkowski.

Guy Fieri

Toby Keith

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, but counts as one person ’cause they’re tag-teaming each other in the champage room of a strip club

List yours in the comments.