Bros In Wisconsin Build A ‘Campfire Hot Tub’ So They Can Drink Beer Outside All Winter Long


Hyde Wingman

It’s DIY Thursday here at BroBible! Next up: The tale of a group of resourceful Wisconsin Bros who build a DIY hot tub that heats up over a campfire. The noble purpose of the project is to get their soak on in the frigid Wisconsin winter while drinking beer outside. All it takes is an metal bathtub, some cinder blocks, and a campfire pit to pull such a maddening project off. In their own words:

The boys could hardly sleep the night before as they were so jacked about putting their bath tub on the fire pit.

“Do you think the cinder blocks will hold the weight of all that?”

“I don’t know”

“I suppose there’s only one way to find out”

The boys again forgo an opportunity to calculate their slim chances of success and choose to continue forward with the blind optimism typical of #teamriled.

“Alright, get the bath tub balanced on the cinder blocks, fill it with lake water, get a raging fire going and see if we can get the water warm”

“Do you think the metal will get too hot to sit on?”

“I don’ know”


Mike enjoys the warm embrace of the Sconnie Hot Tub a while longer and then Pat dives in for a soak.  The waters were warm, the beers were cold, and #teamriled finally got the relief from the frigid cold of the Northwoods that they had been looking for.  As the boys pulled out of camp they realized they has gotten this trip in just in the nick of time; the waters of the Sconnie Hot Tub were still warm as the snow flakes started to fall.


So rad. Here’s the video the Hyde Wingman folk made. Maybe be careful if you try this at home?

More pics of the project:



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