This Montana Man Has Been Best Friends With A Grizzly Bear Named ‘Brutus’ For 13 Years

Bears are pretty incredible creatures. They thrash tens of thousands of calories a day just to keep on truckin, sleep for months at a time, and keep huge territory of up to 1,500 square miles for lady bears to wander into for sexy time. That’s Alpha as fuck.

With a deep love for grizzlies, Casey Anderson founded Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman, Montana, which rescues bears that need a little help plus educates the public on just how magnificent these mammals are. In a fascinating 20-minute documentary above, Anderson talks about the special friendship he has with a fat bear rescue named Brutus. The two have been Bros for 13 years, building a visible relationship of trust. They go chill and exploring together, with Anderson calling it “the greatest relationship of his life.”