Ever Been Pissed When Your Buddy Barges In On You Having Sex? This Is Like That, But With A Turtle

by 4 years ago


We’ve all been there, straight up getting our fuck on with some smash slam, when one of our jackass, jealous, dick single buddies busts in to spray shaving cream or toss a bucket of water on us or just smack our naked asses as hard as he could.

Fuck that dude. Then you do exactly what everyone does. You pop up, livid, find the first heavy thing you can chuck at him–a beer, a dart, your laptop–and give chase to exact sweet, sweet revenge by whalloping him upside the head with said object, which you do, only to realize you are standing naked in the living room, a condom dangling from your limp dick, and that there are still 12 people late nighting in your house, laughing at your shame.

This is EXACTLY like that, except with turtles.

National Geographic’s Paul Rose was in the Seychelles when he saw two giant turtles bumping shells. He interrupted them and, rightful hot, the male turtle chased after Rose to fuck him up.

Unfortch the turtle was to slow to exact real revenge.

[Via Miles Klee]

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