Budweiser May Buy Miller And Create The World’s First Super Beer

Super Beer

Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Hops! 

Two of America’s biggest beer producers may be joining forces, creating a thing I’ve alternatingly dubbed MEGABEER, Beerzilla, Hoptimus Prime, and whatever it is the Power Rangers make when they all team up, portmanteaued with a beer word. Kegazord.

Budweiser is currently considering making an offer to purchase Miller. Together, they’d control 1,000 percent of the world’s beer. From Bloomberg:

Anheuser-Busch InBev NV said it intends to make an offer for SABMiller Plc to unite the world’s two biggest beermakers with brands including Budweiser and Peroni and create a company that would control about half the industry’s profit.

The acquisition of SABMiller would be the biggest in the industry’s history and cap more than a decade of consolidation across brewing companies.

To allow the deal to clear regulatory hurdles, analysts have said that SABMiller would need to exit its joint venture in the U.S. with Molson Coors Brewing Co., which is called MillerCoors

I’ve always wanted to know what Miller Lite and Bud Light taste like mixed together. One day soon, I just might find out.