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by 3 years ago

Ken Wolter

You know who loves Buffalo Wild Wings? Lots of people who are interested in eating some pretty acceptable wings while putting down two 23 ounce Miller Lites and watching a game. Count me among that group. Sure, there are no doubt better wing spots, but I’m not beneath popping into the BDubs and housing six Wild and six Parmesan Garlic. There are much worse things you could do with your life. Necrophilia, for instance.

You know who hates Buffalo Wild Wings? Buffalo Wild Wings investor Mick McGuire, who is chairman of a capital firm that owns like 5 percent of the chain (which, given how much you’ve spent there in your life, so do you, probably, so fuck this jack off).

He blasted the chain in an open letter to management, demanding changes. Perhaps a Teriyaki Citrus Garlic wing? No, his suggestions were not nearly as useful.

From Meat Poultry:

In the letter to [James Damian, chairman of the Buffalo Wild Wings board], McGuire said Marcato is “exceedingly optimistic about the future of Buffalo Wild Wings.” Nevertheless, the lack of detail around basic metrics of the business and “sub-optimal” capital allocation decisions were symptoms of a larger problem.

“The management team of Buffalo Wild Wings communicates its strategic and financial rationale to the investment community with inveterate avoidance of specificity,” McGuire wrote. “The chronic absence of detail around even the most basic of metrics causes us to question whether the right questions are being asked and answered.”

The fuck does anyone of this have to do with wings?

“Experiments with new restaurant concepts are distracting management from advancing Buffalo Wild Wings’ core brand,” McGuire wrote. “At this point in time, any corporate resources, be they personnel, capital, or attention, would be better allocated to addressing the operational improvement opportunities at core Buffalo Wild Wings.”

So… not a Terikayi Citrus Garlic wing? Fucking VC mother fuckers. Here I am suggesting tangible improvements and this rich fuck is all like ugh our core capital asset allocation is bad and he’s the one people think have the great ideas?

What about bigger blue cheese cups? So they fit the whole side of the flat wing? I should be worth more money than this idiot.

Buffalo Wild Wings released a statement in response saying, “We welcome communications with our shareholders and we value constructive input toward the goal of enhancing shareholder value.”

I don’t. Listen to me instead of this guy. Look at his face. That look like a guy you would want to eat wings with?


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