Bully Messes With The WRONG Girl And Gets Knocked Out Cold

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Mi español es muy malo, but I believe these two young ladies are having an intense discussion on quantum physics. One girl argues that Einstein’s theory of gravity is bullshit and it doesn’t explain quantum mechanics, and the other three forces including electromagnetism and the two nuclear forces. The other girl contends that Einstein’s general theory of relativity has been proven since 1915 and to this day is accepted as the theory of gravitation and physics. Again, my Spanish is a little rusty, so I could be wrong, but that’s my rough translation of the .

The young ladies are so passionate about their competing theories that the one girl bullies the other girl and starts getting physical. She bumps into her a couple of times and then shoves her. The girl has had enough and gives the bully what she wants – a fight.

She erupts and slams the bully into a bicycle and onto the hard pavement. She then proceeds to batter the bully’s face with punch after punch until she is unconscious.

The moral of the story is don’t bully people and don’t shit on Albert Einstein’s astounding work.

Canadian Street Fight