Bully Gets Absolutely Destroyed In Crippling 2 Second Knockout By Much Smaller Kid

This bully confronts a much smaller kid and it was the worst decision of his childhood. The lil bro’s head only comes up to the bully’s shoulder, but he shows that height doesn’t mean shit.

The bully appears to be provoking the youngin’ and he accepts the challenge. But first he has to empty his pockets and take his shorts off because he can’t let that extra layer of clothing slow down his magnificent and lightning quick knockout.

The pocket-size powerhouse unleashes a nasty right hook, then tackles the Goliath to the ground. He then smashes him with another devastating punch. He recoils to wallop him with another punch, but he sees that his combatant is completely neutralized and stops the fight.

You have to respect the kid for absolutely annihilated his bully, but had the self-control to stop beating the shit out of him when the fight was clearly over.

This fierce fight combo would make even Ronda Rousey proud.