Scrawny ‘Bully’ Takes On Huge Goliath And Gets PULVERIZED With Earth-Rocking Body-Slam

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Back when I was a kid, when we bullied, we did it right. We picked on the weakest, most timid individual and made his life a living hell. Nowadays, kids don’t even know to bully correctly. Take this idiot for example. The dumb fuck broke the first rule of bully club: don’t bully someone who is bigger than you.

Apparently, the smaller dude started a fight with the kid, who is like 12-times his size. The Gregor Clegane of this high school allows the pesky little bully to take some free shots at him. The big dude was so confidant that he let his opponent punch him several times in the face. He didn’t even flinch and treated it like he was having an ice cream sundae on the beach.

Now it was time for the big fella to get his licks in. The Goliath grabbed the skinny dude, lifts him over his head and body-slammed him to the hard concrete.

A teacher breaks up the fight by putting the big fella in a chokehold.

The morale of the story is to not bully people, and if you do bully someone make sure you can beat their ass.