Bully Refuses To Leave Smaller Kid Alone Despite Numerous Warnings, Kid Knocks Bully To Oblivion

For at least the minute and half that this camera phone is recording, the smaller kid walks away from the bully and attempts to not get into a physical altercation. But the instigator won’t stop getting in his face and harassing him. The smaller kid keeps telling the aggressor, “You don’t want to do this.” The bully should have heeded those warnings.

However the kid was pushed too far and just lost it during shop class. He went 0 to 100 real quick. He smashed him with a devastating one-two combo that would make Floyd Mayweather proud. While it was a sucker punch, he was being harassed for a long time and told him that his ass whooping was coming if he persisted.

While the reaction of the shop teacher should have been:

His reaction was more, “¯_(ツ)_/¯.” He gave zero fucks of the two students brawling in his classroom.

The fight was so powerful that it brought the house down, quite literally. The wood framing of a building topples on both combatants during the end of the fracas.

And here I thought shop class was for the calm stoners.

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