Bungee Jumping Woman Jumps Off 50-Foot Bridge…With 60-Foot Of Rope, Hits Ground Below

Damn. That is one fuuuuuuuuuucked up injury, and after watching it about 20 times already this morning I’m SHOCKED that the woman was discharged from the hospital days later with only ‘minor injuries’ listed.

This went down in Bolivia, and the woman was bungee jumping with a company by the name of Andean Trek. You can see them going through the typical safety checks prior to jumping, so it’s unclear when and where things went catastrophically wrong. But wrong they went.

Ho. Lee. Shiiiiit.

She jumped from the 50-foot bridge in the province of Florida, only she leaped from the bridge with more than 50-feet of rope and plummeted straight down and hit the bed of the river where she lay motionless and in serious pain….and rightfully so, she just fell 50 feet straight down, through a river, and onto the river bed. From 50 feet, just falling into water feels like getting hit by a Mac Truck, but crashing through the river and hitting the unforgiving river bed will crush bones and knock all of the wind out.

Again, I’m astonished that she was released from a hospital just days later and listed as having only ‘minor injuries’ based on that impact. She could’ve easily died from that height, and it’s a borderline miracle that things didn’t end up much worse.

(h/t DailyMail)

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