Bus Driver Pulverizes Unruly Passenger, Goes Full ‘This Is Sparta’ On His Ass

by 3 years ago

It was the Prince of Atlanta, Georgia (Lil Jon) who once said ‘Don’t Start No Shit, It Won’t Be No Shit’, and such a quote has never rang more true than in this video of an unruly passenger tempting a bus driver into fisticuffs. Watch as the bus driver channels his inner Chuck Norris and unleashes a savage beatdown on that dude.

A man can only be pushed so far before he reaches his tipping point, and in life it’s never advisable to test where that tipping point is. Again, this jackass passenger failed to get the memo. The bus driver loses it and goes full on ‘This Is Sparta’ on his ass, pummeling him to a pulp before booting him off the bus. I think the major takeaway here is not ‘don’t antagonize a bus driver’, I think I interpret this more as ‘don’t antagonize someone who works a job where they’re likely to snap at any moment’. Case in point: don’t push a postal worker’s buttons or they might come back with a gun.

[YouTube / DofGarMD]

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