Busch Beer’s New ‘Fish’ Cans Are Straight Out Of A Fishermen’s Wet Dream, And I Want To Collect Them All!

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Heading into this weekend’s GEICO 500 Sprint Cup Series race at the Talladega Superspeedway Busch has unveiled their new ‘fish’ cans for Spring/Summer 2016, they’ve also released photos of NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick’s fish-themed fire suit for the race, and a photo of what the No. 4 car will look like (covered in rainbow trout). There’s a ‘fishing trip of a lifetime’ promotion that accompanies these badass fish cans, but before we check out details of that let’s take a look at this year’s badass fish cans from Busch.

The four fish that will adorn this year’s Busch and Busch Light fish cans are:

Red Drum in Venice, Louisiana (also known colloquially as ‘redfish’)
Largemouth Bass in Lake St. Clair, Michigan
Cutthroat Trout in Montana
Sockeye Salmon in Kenai River, Alaska

Here they are in order:









Busch and Busch Light are also rolling out accompany packaging for these fish cans, and you guessed it, they’re covered in fish:







As for Kevin Harvick’s NASCAR fire suit for this year’s race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, it’s straight fire, but not as hot as the design on the No. 4 car:





I am by NO MEANS the world’s biggest NASCAR fan, but I can appreciate greatness when I see it, and both that fire suit and car are absolute perfection.

Now I mentioned a promotion above, so let’s get back to that. Ever since Busch and Busch Light released their beer cans with fish designs they’ve been a HUGE hit, partly because they look badass and partly because these cans are accompanied by Busch giving away the ‘fishing trip of a lifetime’ to one lucky fan. Anyone drinking these Busch and Busch Light fish cans that finds 1 of the 100,000 lucky ‘golden cans’ can then take a photo of them with that golden Busch/Busch Light fish can and submit it on Busch.com to be entered to win the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Here’s what Busch/Busch Light is saying about this year’s fishing trip of a lifetime (via PRNewsWire):

Consumers who find one of the 100,000 gold trophy cans randomly seeded in packs of Busch and Busch Light can capture a photo of themselves with the can and submit it online via Busch.com. They’ll then be entered for a chance to win weekly premium prizes including GoPros, sonar systems, tackle boxes, fishing bobbers and more. Five lucky consumers will be awarded the grand prize: the fishing trip of a lifetime to one of four possible destinations to go fishing with professional bass fisherman, Kevin VanDam.
“After fishing trips to Missouri and even the Amazon with the Busch team, I can’t wait for what’s in store for 2016,” said Kevin VanDam. “In typical Busch fashion, they’re going big this year with the fishing program, once again showing their dedication to the sport and those who are passionate about the outdoors.”

If you’re wondering what last year’s Busch/Busch Light Fish Beer Cans looked like just follow that link, because I posted on them almost 13 months ago today.

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