It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, Nope! It’s A House Floating Down The River And Smashing Into A Bridge

by 11 months ago

Earlier this week I did some blogging about the flooding in the Midwest. There was footage going around of a semi-truck getting swept away by flash flood waters and taken like a leaf floating on a river. That was shocking to see. It’s not every day you see flash flooding pick up a tractor trailer like it’s nothing. But, that footage isn’t nearly as jarring as the video above.

This video was filmed from a bridge in Reyno, Arkansas. In it, we can see the flood waters so high and powerful that it’s taken an ENTIRE HOUSE and swept it away in the river. That house then smashes into the bridge the person is filming from because the waters are so high. This is something I’ve never seen before. Neither a cabin floating down a river or a house smashing into a bridge.

That’s someone’s life floating down the river, it was their home. All destroyed by torrential rain and flooding.

So. Fucked. Up.

(h/t DIGG Video)


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