Flash Flooding In Missouri Sweeps Away Semi-Truck Like It’s A Leaf On A River

by 11 months ago

There have been several devastating and deadly storms sweeping throughout the South and Midwest. As of last night, the death toll had risen to 13 with East Texas getting hit the hardest by tornadoes. Elsewhere, in Missouri, flash floods wreaked havoc on the region by leveling houses and destroying lives.

Here, you can see the flash floods pick up and take a semi-truck like it’s nothing more than a speck of dust:

East of Dallas in Canton, Texas, 4 people died and another 50 sustained injuries from deadly tornadoes. Cars flipped. Homes demolished and left as a pile of wood. ABC News has extensive coverage of the damage.

Flash flooding in and around the Springfield, Missouri area has left the region underwater. Here’s a look at just how much water is in the Springfield area at the moment:

I didn’t turn my TV away from sports all weekend and I feel like a complete buffoon for missing all of this coverage. I had no idea how badly parts of the South and Midwest were getting hit by weather and my heart goes out to all of those whose homes and lives were destroyed by these hellacious storms.

(h/t ABC News)

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