This Calculator Shows How Much You’ve Been Getting Paid To Poop At Work

work poop calculator


Ever wondered how much you’ve been getting paid while you’re taking a dump in the office? No. Well, now you are. So thankfully the people over at Plumbworld have come up with this clever “Paid To Poo” calculator.

All you have to do is enter your annual salary (change the currency symbol from pounds to dollars), how much time you spend pooping on average, how often you do it and voila, that’s how much you’ve been paid to drop a heater at the office.

“We wouldn’t suggest purposely spending more time in the toilet to profit (although some people might!); however, it’s always nice to know you’re earning some money just by going about your “business,” Plumbworld marketing exec Daniel Cartland told The Huffington Post.

He might not suggest it, but what can it hurt, am I right?

[protected-iframe id=”9a6a7e4ce4afa5b8c0c50bfe1a4f29b6-97886205-92827192″ info=”” ]

Man on toilet image by Shutterstock

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