If Your Calf Ever Cramps Up Like This Guys’ Then You Are Probably .5 Seconds Away From Death Or Just Kinda Gross

Has your leg ever done this? Mine hasn’t, in case you were wondering (yes I know you weren’t, but shut up and take my information anyway). I’m not a doctor and I’ve only pretended be one once and that time only landed me in jail for 48 hours, but it looks to me like your leg shouldn’t do this sort of thing. Ever. Like as in “If your leg is doing this then maybe you should chop it off because a Ridley Scott Alien is aboutta burst outta that sunofabitch.” Then again, I’m not a doctor, but also again (?) don’t come crying to me when an alien rips your flesh apart and starts eating your dog. It’s outta my hands at that point.

[H/T Elite Daily]