10 Camping Lifehacks Every Bro Needs to Know

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There’s nothing a Bro loves more than roughin’ in the woods, getting back to nature with his buddies. Whether you’re heading to a music festival or hitting the trail, we’ve compiled a couple of camping lifehacks to make your life easier the next time you’re pitching tent.

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10. Can’t find any dry kindling but have a bag of Doritos in your car? You’re golden, Bro:


9. Need a stove to cook on? All you need is a beer can and a pocket knife. Here’s how you do it:

8. Don’t have a coffee pot to make coffee in? Rather than buying one at REI, just make some disposable travel coffee bags using filters and dental floss:


7. Keep charcoal in a cardboard egg carton. Then, when you need to start a fire, just light the carton and you’ll have hot coals in a jiffy


6. If you shake up Mountain Dew + baking soda + peroxide, you’ll create the perfect alchemy  for a homemade DIY lantern.


5. Use a coffee can as a waterproof toilet paper roll holder to make sure your TP stays nice and dry. It’s the perfect size. All you have to do is cut a slit in the side of the coffee can and thread the TP roll through.


4. Need MORE LIGHT? Use your headlamp to a clear gallon jug of water. BOOM! WE GOT LIGHT EVERYWHERE! The light from your phone works too:


3. If you don’t know how to open a beer using only a lighter, TEACH YOUR SELF THIS TRICK:


2. Burning sage helps deter pesky mosquitos.


1. Keep the outdoor party poppin’ with a makeshift speaker. Just sticking your phone in those Solo cups you brought into the woods will amplify it enough for the ambiance you need.


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