Car Chase Is A Lot More Fun With Drug Dealers Throwing Pounds Of Weed Out The Car Windows

A high speed car chase was captured from a police cruiser’s dashcam footage last weekend in Arizona, and it features some drug mules tossing pounds of weed out the window in an effort to thwart the cops. Mario Kart 64 this is not, but you have to admit there are some serious similarities here.

via AZ Central:

It was a chaotic scene on Interstate 8 near Casa Grande Wednesday morning as police chased a white truck from which, authorities said, two occupants started tossing bales of marijuana.

Much of that evidence was lost, however, as motorists who followed behind the chase stopped to pick up the drugs.

Jim Knupp, a Pinal County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said a deputy was monitoring traffic along the highway near Trekell Road when he spotted a 2006 White Trailblazer traveling at high rate of speed.

“When the deputy caught up with the vehicle, he attempted to perform a traffic stop,” he said in a news release. “The vehicle began to accelerate to speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour and the occupants began to throw bales of marijuana out of the vehicle onto the roadway.”

During their interviews, the men indicated they were offered $1,000 by a female in Phoenix to drive the Trailblazer to I-8 to pick up unknown packages,” Knupp said.

Knupp said deputies and Arizona Department of Public Safety officers were not able to retrieve the drugs that were thrown from the vehicle “due to traffic conditions.” He said it was taken by people in four or five other vehicles that were not involved in the chase or transportation of the drugs.

Soooo best day ever in Casa Grande, Arizona? You’re just driving along when suddenly you see pounds of marijuana tossed in front of your car, and instead of stopping to pick it up the cops take off. Free weed is the best weed, am I right?

What really pisses me off about this dangerous car chase that put an officer’s safety at risk is that it never should have happened in the first place. If the nation would just hurry up with complete marijuana legalization we wouldn’t have our public servants placing their lives in harm’s way all due to some satchels of weed.