Car Thief Tries To Smash Window With A Brick, Brick Bounces Back And Pops Him Right In The Face

I haven’t had to smash in a car window in quite some time. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever needed to smash in a car window. But if I did, and I had a brick at my disposal, you’d be damn sure I’d know what to do with it.

You wrap your hand in your jacket sleeve, hold the brick in the covered hand and bang it against the window. You don’t throw the brick.

But an alleged car thief in Ireland clearly hasn’t seen a single Fast and Furious movie. No, he hucked this brick at a car and look what happened.

The owners of the car found the thief lying near their vehicle, covered in blood. They called police, believing he’d been assaulted. From the New York Daily News:

“When I saw him, he was lying there stone cold on the ground and his face was in ribbons,” Gerry Brady, a pub owner in Drogheda, told the Irish Independent.

Brady said he and his fiancée first thought the man had been assaulted and tried to help him. The thug, undeterred by his brick beating, tried blackmailing Brady for taxi money, threatening to tell police he had been beat up by the pub owner.

Instead, surveillance footage revealed the truth and regaled us with his idiocy. Here, let’s watch again.

According to police, he’d tried earlier with smaller stones. Should have stuck with those.