Bro Catches Girlfriend Cheating On Him So He Takes A Viral Photoshoot Of Them In Bed

What would you do if you caught your significant cheating? Would you unadvisedly rage out like you were some former sports star named after a fruity beverage (allegedly) or could you keep your shit together and not let this cheating loser inflict any more pain on you? Duston Holloway was able to do the latter and he is being commended for it.

Duston came home to find his girlfriend in bed with another man. Allegedly his girl and the dude were completely drunk and had no idea that he was there. So instead of causing a scene, possibly getting arrested, or even worse, Duston took the bad situation to do a photoshoot of the cheaters.

The photos of the cheaters went viral and Duston has received an outpouring of love from all over the world.

Ain’t no cheating girl gonna keep Duston down.

It pays to take the high road and not waste any more time or emotions over some trifling strumpet (Especially when your payback pics go viral and you get even hotter chicks).