Charles Barkley Just Got Called Out For ‘Never’ Being Tough On Twitter By Former NBA Star Charles Oakley

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After the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Atlanta Hawks by 25 points Wednesday night Charles Barkley decided to take a page out of the “Things You Should Not Say While On Live TV” playbook and say that the Hawks needed to “take somebody out” during TNT’s post-game coverage. Shaq was the first to make sure that Barkley knew his comments were inappropriate, however it wasn’t until Charles Oakley, former player for the Bulls, Knicks, Raptoars, Wizards and Rockets, that things escalated to a higher level:

According to Uproxx, it’s no surprise that Oakley took offense to Barkley’s comments, considering that he’s not only a Cleveland native but that the two have gotten into altercations with each other on the court:

Barkley has yet to fire back, but considering he’s known for going off-script on television, it’s only a matter of time before he spews out something else equally out of line.

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