The Inmate Who Assaulted Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Was Just Released From Jail After Posting $100,000 Bail

Last week, we brought you the story of inmate Dwayne Stafford assaulting Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof inside the shower of the Charleston County Detention Center as Dylann’s guard went to fetch toilet paper for another inmate.

Roof suffered from bruising on his face and back but nothing too serious, evident in him returning to his cell after medical staffers examined him.

Stafford, an African American who was booked into the jail in January 2015 on strong-armed robbery and first-degree assault charges, likely attacked Roof for the heinous race crime he committed back in June of 2015.

Dylann pretended to be interested in finding religion and attended a bible study at Mother Emanuel Church before he infamously slaughtered nine black people in what he intended to spark a “race war.”

After serving just a year and a half of his sentence, Stafford was recently released from jail after he posted a whopping $100,000 bail. Although it is unclear on the source of the cash, I’d venture to guess that most came from the donation page set up for Stafford the day the attack was publicized.

Stafford received praise on social media that likely directly correlated to donations on his behalf.

I’m happy that Dwayne Stafford beat the piss out of that prick but not so high on the armed robber being let out possibly before his reformation.

[h/t Death and Taxes]

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