Charlie Sheen Hopes President-Elect Donald Trump Is The Next Celebrity To Die In 2016, Doesn’t Believe In Karma

by 2 years ago

Charlie Sheen responded to the deaths of Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher with a touching and poignant tribute. Ha! Just kidding, he used the deaths of fellow celebrities to air his political opinions and wish that our next President of the United States die.

Besides the death wish of Donald Trump, Sheen also included a middle finger emoji and the copyright symbol. Is he copyrighting middle finger emojis or death wishes or stupidity?

I’m not a Buddhist and I have no idea if karma is real or not, but I’m not sure a celebrity who has a celebrity dad (Martin Sheen) and sort of a celebrity brother (Emilio Estevez), should be tempting karma and/or the Grim Reaper by putting out these sorts of negative vibes. And you definitely don’t want to be putting out this negative energy in 2016 when there are celebs dropping like flies, especially ones who are rumored to have abused drugs in their lives, much like Charlie Sheen. And you really, really don’t want to wish death to anyone when you have HIV like Charlie Sheen does.

Oh, I forgot, Charlie has tiger blood so he’ll be A-Okay.

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