Drunk Charlotte Bro Who Stole Minor League Baseball Team’s Mascot Costume To Party Now Facing Two Felony Charges

Last week we talked to the Charlotte Bro who was arrested for stealing the mascot costume at BB&T stadium after partying his face off. Here’s what Joseph Gillespie told us via e-mail:

Went to a Beerfest they had last sat at the Knights stadium. Got hammered in about 2 hrs. The fest ended at 9pm. I found myself at 1230 am in the stairs must have blacked out drunk and past out there for a few hrs. So I figure out where I was and called my buddy to meet back up with him. On my way out I saw the sign “mascot dressing room.” That was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Since I was left inside by myself. I suited up in the homer costume and hit the streets. Met up with my buddy at hooter and raised hell in there then went next door to a bar called tilt. They had a dance floor and you know I cut that rug to pieces. All the moves you’ve wanted to do but we’re to embarrassed to. Then met up with a bachelor party outside of their hotel and hot some shots and took pics with his past out dad.

A cop did stop me at about 330 or so and asked what I was doing out there so late. I told him it was bs they had me workin over time. Then he said alright have a good night and drove away. Finally hiked it down to the holiday inn where my buddy got a room. But my name wasn’t on the guest list so I couldn’t get in and he was past out drunk. So me and the green dragon suit jumped in an uber and shagged it back to my indian trail mansion. Was going to return the suit Sunday but nobody was at the stadium so I figured I’d take it back Monday to the team store. Well after the Oakland Raiders won on Sunday I passed out, woke up at 12am with cops at my door.

They locked me up but not before they took selfies and laughed about the whole situation. I did what every bro has ever dreamed of doing.

Sorry not sorry? The story gets better. Much, much better. After he was arrested, Ryan Pitkin from a site called Creative Loafing Charlotte talked to Gillespie — who is now facing two felony charges for breaking-and-entering and larceny — about his drunken shenanigans. Here’s what happened in his own words, which include that he “was ragin’ dude.”

Creative Loafing: From the beginning, how is it that you became Homer the Dragon for a night?

Joe Gillespie: Me and my buddy, Mark (name has been changed to protect the possibly guilty-of-something), had VIP tickets to Charlotte Beerfest. We started at about 4 o’clock Saturday afternoon. We made it a full lap around the park in about an hour. Then an hour or two into it I was pretty hammered already.

I told Mark, “I have to run upstairs and get some food, because I’m drunk.” I ran upstairs and ate barbecue and that was about the last thing I remember. The event ended at 9 p.m., but the next thing I remember I wake up at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday and I’m at the bottom of a stairwell with no idea where I am. I called Mark, and he said, “Where the fuck are you?” I said, “Dude, I don’t know. I think I’m still in the stadium.”

He said he was at Hooters, so I told him to stay there. I start walking down the hallway to leave and I look to my right and see the mascot dressing room. I thought, there’s no way this door is unlocked. I turned the handle and it opens right up and there’s the damned costume.

So, I suited right up, walked out the door and proceeded to Hooters. I walked right up into Hooters and my buddy didn’t even know it was me. I was ragin’ dude.

I left Hooters and there was a big line at Tilt next door. I just said, “Yo man, can I go in?” The guy said, “No,” and I was like, “Dude, You’re not gonna let Homer the fuckin’ mascot into your bar right now?” Then he said I could go in. There was nobody on the dance floor. I come sliding in and start getting it. I was doing all the moves you always wanted to try but are too embarrassed to.

[Joe continued around the city, taking parade-like laps around Uptown on a bicycle rickshaw, convincing a CMPD officer he was the real mascot working overtime at 3:30 a.m. and finally taking an Uber home in full costume at 5:30 a.m. after losing track of his friend.]

Amazing. The Charlotte cops couldn’t contain themselves after hunting down the Bro who stole the mascot:

What happened on Sunday?

I went down to pick Mark up in a hotel. The suit was in the back of the truck because I wanted to drop it back off at the ballpark. I didn’t think anyone was going to be there, and they weren’t. I figured I would box it all up and bring it to the team store on Monday, and I could just say, “I think you guys are missing something” — no harm, no foul.

So, that night, I pass out about 9 o clock, wake up and all I hear is someone in my house saying, “Is Mr. Joe Gillespie here?” I got the suit together and said, “Here it is guys. Nothing’s messed up, there’s no beer stains. The only thing that’s wrong with it is that it smells like shit, but it smelled like shit when I put it on.”

What were the police officers’ reactions when [the Union County Sheriff’s Office] came to get you?

There was four of them and three of them were cool. One dude was a nerd, he was trying to be Mr. Officer. The other two guys — one didn’t say much he just stood at the door, but the tall guy said, “Man, I don’t even know how this is real right now.”

The female officer who arrested me said she thought it was a fake call when she was dispatched until she stepped on the porch and looked in the window and there was Homer’s head sitting on the couch.

They were out there taking pictures with it. They said they shouldn’t be laughing, but it was hard not to.

Go read the amazing interview in full over at Creative Loafing Charlotte. Clearly Gillespie is #sorryforpartying so let’s hope this gets plead down to a misdemeanor. Or even dropped all together.

Oh, and here’s what this Bro looks like:


[H/T: Deadspin]