Ever Wonder What Type Of Chicks Doctors And CEOs Marry? This Chart Shows Exactly That

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of chick is most likely to lock up a CEO, doctor, hedge fund manager, etc. then you can stop wondering. Bloomberg put together a handy chart that connects professions, so when you click ‘male doctor’ the chart shows the professions of women that he’s most likely to marry, based on millions of cases. It does this for ALL professions. For instance, a boat captain is actually most likely to marry an accountant, which makes zero sense whatsoever but that’s what the data suggests.

We can run through the major professions in image form (doctor, CEO, etc) and if I didn’t touch on your profession or your prospective profession below you can follow that link down at the bottom to see your results.

Who Doctors Marry:

Who CEOs Marry:

Who Lawyers Marry:

Who Financial Analysts Marry:

Who Police Officers Marry:

Who Firefighters Marry:

Who Cooks/Chefs Marry:

Who Computer Programmers Marry:

Who Writers/Bloggers Marry:

So if you’re still curious about who’s marrying who based on profession, or who you’re most likely to shack up with based on your job, you can CLICK HERE to head on over to the interactive chart on Bloomberg that’s based on the most recent census data.