Your Ex Is Nothing Compared To This Girl Who Black Sharpied All Over Her Cheating Boyfriend’s White Mercedes

In honor of all the college kids getting ready to skip their Wednesday classes so they can go home a day early and forget about school for an extra 24 hours, here’s a math problem as a casual reminder that HA-HA, you’re still in school:

Angry ex-girlfriend + black sharpie + Mercedes = a really fucking awful day.

That’s the equation Pabil Muniz Quintanilla (henceforth referred to as PAB because like hell I’m writing that out every time) got stuck doing the day that his ex-girlfriend caught him cheating.



Ex-girlfriend in question, Maria Alejandra Samaniego (yeah no let’s call her Maria), managed to talk her way past a security guard and into PAB’s underground garage a few hours after catching him cheating on her and, as you can see, went to TOWN on his white Mercedes. I don’t speak Spanish and for all I know you don’t either, so here’s what the car says according to Metro:

…‘Small Penis’, ‘Junkie,’ and ‘Crap Shag’ on Pabil’s gleaming white Mercedes, in permanent black marker.

And that’s how you successfully burn a bridge, ladies and gentlemen.

[H/T Metro and Mirror, header image via Shutterstock]