Company Creates Genius Way To Stop People From Cheating And Watching TV Shows Before Their Partner Does

Pre-watching is perhaps the worst kind of cheating in a relationship. That’s when one partner watches an episode (or several) of a series without the other person knowing. It’s grounds for a break-up because it’s essentially lying and showing no remorse. “I TRUSTED YOU TO NOT WATCH ANY SCANDAL EPISODES BEFORE ME! WHAT KIND OF A PERSON ARE YOU?!?!”

An ice cream company, of all people, is working on a remedy.

The “series commitment” rings are NFC-connected rings that block access to TV shows you’re watching as a couple, unless both of you are nearby. This puts an end to what Cornetto says is the “worst type of cheating.” The brand is seriously negotiating with streaming apps at the moment, and is looking to distribute the rings in the near future.

The Commitment Rings have NFC technology and are linked to a video streaming service account for six
months. With it’s mobile app, couples can pick the series they want to watch together. When the rings are close to each other, the app detects them and automatically unblocks those series.

Register here to get first dibs when the rings are out. Unless you’re just dating. Then don’t put a ring on it until you really put a ring on it, no matter how many times she Netflix cheats on you.

[via Hypebeast]