A Drug Testing Chemist Fesses Up That She Was Pretty Much Never Not High During Her 8 Years Of Employment

Look that face in the eyes. That’s the face of the ballsiest drug addict on the face of the planet. Sure, drugs addicts do crazy things all the time. But one thing all of them do is lose their jobs. In the long run, it’s probably best. Drug addicts don’t have time to go clock into a desk job. They have to meet their drug dealer at a mini-mart in the middle of the afternoon and go dragon chasing.

Sonja Farak, however, decided the best way to go about her drug addiction was to get a job that she could go to and still get high. Which is how she became a chemist with a specialization in drug-testing for the Massachusetts police department.

Via Sky News:

Sonja Farak, who worked for an Amherst laboratory which tested drug samples for police, was on methamphetamines, ketamine, cocaine, LSD and other drugs during most of her time there, even when she testified in court, according to a report.

Cyndi Roy Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Maura Healey, said… the information on Farak “will no doubt have implications for many cases”. She said: “We are deeply concerned whenever the integrity of the justice system is called into question or compromised.”

Defence lawyer Luke Ryan told the Boston Herald that Farak handled around 30,000 cases while working at the lab between 2005 and 2013.

Farak has admitted ingesting lab “standards” – drug samples used as benchmarks to test against substances submitted by police for testing.

During her own grand jury testimony, she admitted she once smoked crack before a 2012 state police accreditation inspection of the now-closed lab. She also testified that she manufactured crack cocaine for her personal use in the lab.

That pretty much reads as a litany of the biggest powermoves I have ever heard in my entire life. Smoking crack before testifying in front of a grand jury? Ingesting lab drug samples? And look at all of those drugs she did. Ketamine? You have to have balls of steel to take a horse tranquilizer before a shift at the local police department. How does no one in a building full of law enforcement experts notice a woman rolling into work while tripping her face off? Also, how does no one notice when drug samples just disappear? “Welp, that cocaine sample disappeared again. Just grab another one out of evidence.” Really, this is all on her peers. Regardless, this is one of the craziest things I have ever read. It’s like a comedy of errors except like 30,000 drug offenders will probably have their sentences overturned.