Chicago Train Station Collapsing After Being Hit By Lightning Shows Even Mother Nature Hates Public Transportation

I’m not a big public transportation fan. Of course, I prefer it to the alternative i.e. constantly driving myself everywhere I go. I can’t be crushing train beers if I’m behind the wheel of the car. Those are called driving beers and, also, are illegal in most states.

So, living with this mixture of hatred for something that I also understand I need, I feel weird about seeing this train station in Chicago completely collapse after being struck by lightning.

So, first of all, Ts&Ps go out to anyone riding that train. That would suck. You’d spill your train beers everywhere. However, I think this just proves that Mother Nature hates public transportation as much as I do. The catch? She doesn’t need it to get around. She can just blow it off the face of the planet and it’s no skin off her nose. That or the world is finally sick of humans destroying it. Next thing you know, sinkholes will start swallowing up buses and tidal waves will destroy entire cities. It’ll be like a disaster movie except not as cool because we’ll all die. That and there’s no such thing as apocalypse beers, because you’re dead. So when the world start fighting back, bros, take solace in the fact that I warned you. It’s your own fault if you’re not prepared.