This Chick Attempts To Pull Off The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Move At A Bar, And Can Someone Please Scrape Her Off The Floor?

by 4 years ago
Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.17.42 AM

dirty dancing

Bros, bros, bros. Before I show you the oddly satisfying video of a chick most likely shattering her collar bone, I think it’s important to understand her goal here. If you’re like me, you’ve never seen Dirty Dancing and it’s been a point of contention in all your relationships. The fact that I’ve never seen it is probably why I’m single right now. That or the fact that my dick jokes get really old after date three.

But enough about my demons. Check out the below GIF of the perfectly executed dance move. Showmanship, grace, body control. A true work of beauty. Kind of makes me believe in true love actually.


Ok, enough with execution. Let’s see the bloopers, the good stuff. Other people’s failures bring me more joy than my own successes because I’m a piece of shit who wants to watch the world burn. Ok, not really, but I did laugh hard at this video of a chick attempting to live out her childhood dream of being gracefully propped above Patrick Swayze’s head (aka a drunk older man with a dad bod), only to come crashing down to the sticky hardwood floor. I hope you find similar satisfaction, and if you did, let’s party sometime.