Chick On Motorcycle With No Concept Of Red Lights Gets What She’s Got Coming To Her (Translation: She Gets Drilled)

This was a suicide attempt, right? Has to be. No person already at a complete stop who didn’t want to end their lives would floor it before seeing green. You could find a loop hole and tell me she may be colorblind and I technically wouldn’t be able to prove you wrong, but I’m going to follow my instinct on this one and overrule your optimistic ass.

Maybe the most alarming thing about this video isn’t the chick completely disobeying the laws of the road and paying a price for it, it’s the number of people who don’t give a shit that she just spun like a goddamn boomerang before getting walloped by the concrete.

All good, guys. You bros must be late for dinner, just ignore the roadkill.

Don’t worry about it guys, someone else will sweep her spine off the pavement. Sit tight.

Remember to always keep your hands at 10 and 2, even when you just witnessed a chick break every bone in her body. Stay cool, stay calm, stay unfazed.

I didn’t forget about you, gramps. It looks like you have some issues of your own, so lets start by facing the right direction.

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