Chick Stabs A Dude In The Eye With Her High Heel Outside A Bar And Then Brags About It On Facebook (Gross Pics)


There is no stronger, more unrelenting force in nature than a drunk chick wearing heels at the end of the night. And if they are having trouble getting a cab, run for the hills.

No story highlights this theory better than the tale of a college student stabbing a man in the eye with her stiletto high heel after he had a brief altercation with her friend.

22-year-old Shadiya Omar attacked 22-year-old Justin Lloyd after he offered her friend a chip while waiting for a cab. The friend knocked the chip out of his hand and Justin attempted to dump the remaining chips over her head. Shadiya then rushed to her friend’s aid and stabbed Lloyd in the eye with her Louboutin high heel, leaving him with serious injuries.

He suffered with bruising, cuts and bleeding to the lower lid, cuts to the upper lid and a fracture to the eye orbit. His eyesight remains unchanged but he said in court that he needed to quit his job as a construction laborer due to his injuries.

heel victim


According to Daily Mail, Omar was spared an immediate 18-month prison sentence and just given probation. She then hopped on Facebook to mock Lloyd.

high heel

The judge’s ruling of just probation and paying Lloyd a measly $130 victim surcharge fee has been blasted on social media for its leniency. Omar’s tone-deaf Facebook mockery is surely going to stir the pot even more.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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